公募情報 / OPEN CALL

Now we have Open Call for one program.


Applicant eligibility応募資格


Applicant eligibility

The applicant must:
・be over 18 years old
・work as an artist or a researcher who is engaged in activities in the field of art
・be able to communicate in Japanese or English

Program usage feeプログラム利用料


Program usage fee

4,500yen/day per person (Price for group use is negotiable)
Deposit fee: 10,000 yen (The deposit will be returned on the last day of the program if nothing has been damage.)
*As expense for the support (providing the studio, interpretation, activity assistance, and living support during your stay)
*We only accept payment in cash on arrival.

Residency period滞在期間


Residency period

The period is negotiable from about 3 days to 1 month.




Staff support and a private house as studio and accommodation.

Studio and Accommodationスタジオ・滞在施設

住所:山口県下関市長府松小田中町1-46 一般社団法人arte75事務所
詳細は > STUDIO をご参照ください


Address: 1-46, Matsuoda-Nakamachi, Chofu, Shimonoseki city, Yamaguchi JAPAN
One-story house with 2 rooms, living room, bathroom, wood deck, small garden, free Wi-Fi.
Please see STUDIO page for more details.




・Please get insurance by your stay starts. In particular, those who using bicycles or cars are required to get accident insurance (travel insurance, etc.).
・arte75 will publish announcements before the program starts and reports of your activities during the program online and in print. Records such as photos and videos will also be used for PR activities.

How to apply申請方法

申請については > APPLY をご覧ください。

How to apply

After you confirm the contents of the Consent form, fill out the required information on the application form and send it. We will review your application and let you know if it is accepted or not.
Please see APPLY page about application method.

オプションプログラム / Option Program

Open Workshop Programオープン・ワークショップ・プログラム


Open Workshop Program

Please suggest ideas for projects such as workshops, concerts, and other events that the locals can participate in. Once adopted and fulfilled, a part of the AIR program usage fee will be subsidized depending on the scale of the project.
・The event must to be finished during the program period.
・If the project is not selected or cannot be fulfilled due to cancellation, etc., the project will not be eligible for subsidizing system.
・The actual amount of subsidy will be determined after expenses are settled. The subsidy will be refunded from the program usage fee you paid.
Application method: Apply via the application form at the same time as applying for the residence program.